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The Benefits of Beginning the Dental Implant Process During the Summer

June 10, 2023

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After carefully considering your options for tooth replacement, you have decided to get dental implants to rebuild your smile from the roots up. Now that you’ve made that choice, the next question is this: when should you call your dentist and formally start the process? For many people, summer can be a great time to schedule their first dental implant consultation. Here’s a quick look at the dental implant process and the advantages of starting it during the warmer months.

What Happens During the Dental Implant Process?

While the dental implant process can be personalized depending on the needs of the patient, it usually includes these steps:

  • The dentist examines the patient’s mouth to see if there are any issues that might need to be addressed before dental implants can be placed.
  • Preliminary treatments like bone grafting or periodontal therapy may need to be performed.
  • The dental implant posts are surgically placed in the jaw. Some practices need to refer their patients to specialists for this step, but there are some dentists who are able to handle the procedure themselves.
  • The jaw is given about 3 to 6 months to heal and bond with the implants.
  • An abutment is placed on each implant post.
  • A restoration such as a crown, bridge, or denture is designed, created, and ultimately attached to the implants in order to complete the process.

Why Start the Dental Implant Process During the Summer?

It’s generally best to schedule your initial dental implant consultation as soon as possible, and summer can be a particularly good time to do so for the following reasons:

  • More Time for Recovery: Many people enjoy extra time off work during the summer. You can use this time to give your mouth a chance to heal after your dental implant surgery.
  • Insurance Benefits Still Available: Do your dental insurance benefits reset at the end of the calendar year? If so, summer can be a great time to put them to good use. (Dental insurance doesn’t always pay for the actual dental implants, but it could still cover certain aspects of the process.)
  • Soft Summer Treats: After your implants have been placed, you’ll need to avoid eating anything hard foods for a while. Instead, you can enjoy ice cream, smoothies, yogurt, and other snacks that are perfect for summer.

Does summer feel like the right time to take the first steps toward a restored smile? Get in touch with your dentist today to ask about having dental implants placed.

About the Author

Dr. Mike Christensen graduated from the University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco. He has completed advanced training in dental implantology, and as a result, he is able to personally place dental implants in his patients’ jaws to replace their missing teeth. If you would like to schedule a summer dental implant consultation with Dr. Christensen at Soldotna Dental Arts, please visit his website or call (907) 420-3938.

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